Fisher Center

The Conductors Institute

Postlude - Composer-Conductor Program

July 20–July 31
Composers who want to learn the fundamentals of conducting technique are encouraged to apply for this program. During the first week, composers attend all morning and evening sessions of the Institute and work in the afternoon on basic techniques, conducting a string quartet.

Repertoire for 2015:
  • Mozart—Eine kleine Nachtmusik,
  • Grieg—Holberg Suite
  • Beethoven—Symphony No. 1

In week two, each composer is paired with a conductor in the graduate program who prepares the composer's work for performance. Composers and conductors meet each morning with the Composers Chamber Ensemble (1111—1110—tmp+1—pf—str Composers are encouraged to conduct their works in rehearsals and in the final performance.

Composers should submit short samples of their work with the application. Composers accepted to the program should bring three scores and parts for a 10- to 15-minute work suitable for the above instrumentation.

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