• How do I arrange a tour of the Conservatory?
  • Do I need a studio-quality prescreening recording?
  • What is the policy on taking trial lessons?
  • Do I need an accompanist for my prescreening recording?
  • When are my prescreening materials (recordings and/or scores for composition applicants) due?
  • What are the acceptable media types when I am uploading my recordings to the application?
  • Does the Conservatory award merit scholarships?
  • Is it possible to contact one of Bard Conservatory's instrumental teachers directly?
  • Where and how often are lessons taught?
  • How are students assigned to teacher's studios?
  • When will I hear prescreening results?
  • I am an international student. How do I audition? Do you require the TOEFL?
  • Do you offer classical voice?
  • Do you teach guitar, jazz, or organ?
  • What is the difference between the Conservatory and the Bard College Music Program?
  • Is it possible to study in the Conservatory but not the College?
  • If I am applying to the Conservatory may I submit my college application through the Early Action or Immediate Decision plans?
  • What if I'm not in the Conservatory? Can I still take private lessons?
  • What does a typical week look like for a conservatory student? How do conservatory students balance a busy musical life with a demanding academic schedule?
  • Can Conservatory students study abroad?
  • What are some sample 5-year plans for Conservatory students with different majors in the college?
  • What do your students do after graduation?

Bridget Bertoldi

Where are you from?
Torrington, CT
What are your two majors?
Flute performance and psychology
Who is your teacher?
Tara O'Connor
Why did you choose Bard?
Facebook Vocal Arts