The Application Process

1. Applicants must submit an online application to Bard Conservatory by January 1. Note that all forms and prescreening audio or video materials are uploaded online. Students may apply to both the performance and composition programs.2. All undergraduate Conservatory applicants must also submit a separate application to Bard College. Most applicants choose to apply to the college through the online Common Application . The deadline for submitting the college application is January 1 (or November 1 for those students applying early action.) Applicants may also choose to apply to Bard College through the Bard Entrance Examination, which is due November 1.

3. All applicants must submit a Financial Aid application to Bard College to be considered for need-based or merit-based aid. The application deadline is February 15.

INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS, these are the 2 Financial Aid forms that we need: International Student Financial Aid Form and Certification of Finances 

4. Prescreening results will be emailed to applicants by the end of January.

5. Live auditions (by invitation only) will take place at the end of February and the first week of March.

6. Admissions decisions will be sent by April 1.

7. Admitted students must respond to admission offers by May 1.

Sample Résumé

We created this sample to help you format your résumé before uploading it to Slate as part of your conservatory application.

Application Checklist

This checklist is to help you make sure that you have submitted all of the materials that Bard College Conservatory needs from you!

1. Submit an online application to Bard Conservatory by January 1.
2. Submit the online Common Application or the Bard Entrance Examination to Bard College by January 1.

3. Submit a Financial Aid application to Bard College to be considered for need-based or merit-based aid. The application deadline is February 15.

NOTE: If you are an INTERNATIONAL STUDENT, these are the 2 Financial Aid forms that we need: International Student Financial Aid Form and Certification of Finances.

* Make sure that you request an academic transcript from your school (this is an official document from your school that lists the courses you have taken and your grades). International Students must submit an English translation of the transcript.

Complete List of Required Application Materials

The completed online application to the Conservatory will include the following materials:A completed application to Bard College will include the following materials:
  • Common Application
  • Application fee ($50.00) or Fee Waiver
  • Teacher recommendations: We prefer that one recommendation come from an English or humanities instructor, and one from a math or science instructor.
  • High School transcript (Include mid-year senior grades if available at the time you apply.)

Two Applications, Two Admission Letters

Because the Conservatory undergraduate program is a double-degree program, applicants will receive two separate letters each containing a separate decision. One letter will come from the Conservatory admissions office and one will come from the College admissions office. You will be able to view each letter online by accessing your student portal. 

Each letter will inform you as to whether or not you have been admitted, waitlisted, or denied. Applicants who are not admitted to the College cannot attend the Conservatory. Applicants who are admitted to the College and not the Conservatory are able to enroll in the College and participate in music through the undergraduate music program
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