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Laurie Nash 
Executive Assistant to the Dean
Phone: 845.758.7439
Fax: 845.758.7046

Rachel Price
Assistant to the Dean
Phone: 845.758.7421

Location: Ludlow & Willink, 
2nd floor
Office Hours: 8:30 a.m. - 5 p.m.
Monday through Friday

Administrative Staff

Michèle DominyVice President and Dean of the College

<p><a href="" target="_blank">Michèle Dominy</a>, <em>Vice President and Dean of the College</em></p>
As chief academic officer, Dean Michèle Dominy works with the president and the faculty to advance the central academic purpose of Bard College. VIEW MORE >>

Susan Merriam, Associate Dean of Academic Affairs

<a target="_blank" href="">Susan Merriam</a><b>,</b><b> </b><em>Associate Dean of Academic Affairs</em>
As associate dean of academic affairs, Susan Merriam oversees aspects of academic affairs in the undergraduate college, including curricular development and teaching. VIEW MORE >>
  • Jonathan Becker, Vice President and Dean for International Affairs and Civic Engagement;
    and Director, Center for Civic Engagement

    Jonathan Becker oversees academic components of Bard’s study-away programs.  READ MORE >>
  • Mark Halsey, Associate Dean of the College
    As associate dean of the college, Mark Halsey facilitates the Science Initiative and the Bard Rockefeller Science Semester and is a member of the building team for the Gabrielle H. Reem and Herbert J. Kayden Center for Science and Computation.  READ MORE >>
  • Peter Gadsby, Associate Vice President for Enrollment/Registrar
    As associate vice president for enrollment, registrar Gadsby is responsible for institutional analysis and assessment and focuses on the quality of the student academic experience, broadly conceived.  READ MORE >>
  • Nicholas Lewis, Assistant Dean of the College and Community Life Chaplain
    As Assistant Dean of the College and Community Life Chaplain, Nicholas Lewis works to enhance the co-curricular lives of students in collaboration with the offices of Academic and Student Affairs. He develops and supports initiatives to increase personal, civic, and moral responsibility among the Bard community.  READ MORE >>
  • Sue Elvin-Cooper, Faculty Grants Officer
    Faculty Grants Officer Sue Elvin-Cooper provides a comprehensive advisory and consultative service for undergraduate faculty in their quest for grants to support individual projects as varied as curricular innovations, academic research, specialist conferences and workshops, public programs, and other professional work.  READ MORE >>
  • Stephanie Kufner, Academic Director of the Bard Center for Foreign Languages and Cultures
    As Academic Director of the Bard Center for Foreign Languages and Cultures, Stephanie Kufner offers a wide range of tools for foreign language learning and teaching. Working closely with the foreign language faculty, she oversees and trains international student-staff in facilitating new technologies and developing new approaches to teaching language.  READ MORE >>
  • Philip Pardi, Director of College Writing and faculty associate of the Institute for Writing and Thinking
    As Director of College Writing and faculty associate of the Institute for Writing and Thinking, Philip Pardi focuses on matters related to the teaching of writing at the College.  READ MORE >>
  • Annie Seaton, Director of Multicultural Affairs
    As Director of the Difference and Media Project, Annie Seaton works on pedagogical and extra-curricular initiatives, including the Rethinking Difference Lecture Series, the Difference@Bard visitor's series, and the "Around the Table" lecture series.  READ MORE >>

Special Program Directors