Bard Faculty

Joel Perlmann

Levy Institute Research Professor; Senior Scholar, Levy Economics Institute

Academic Program Affiliation(s): American Studies, Historical Studies, Jewish Studies, Middle Eastern Studies, Sociology


Ph.D. in history and sociology, Harvard University, 1982. Books authored: Ethnic Differences: Schooling and Social Structure among the Irish, Italians, Jews, and Blacks in an American City, 1880–1935 (Cambridge University Press; winner of the Willard Waller Award, American Sociological Association); Woman’s Work?: American Schoolteachers, 1650–1920 (University of Chicago Press; Robert Margo coauthor); Italians Then, Mexicans Now: Immigrant Origins and Second-Generation Progress, 1890–2000 (Russell Sage Foundation and Levy Economics Institute); America Classifies the Immigrants: Ellis Island to the 2020 Census (Harvard University Press). Books coedited: Immigrants, Schooling, and Social Mobility: Does Culture Make a Difference? (Palgrave MacMillan) and The New Race Question: How the Census Counts Multiracial Individuals (Russell Sage Foundation and Levy Economics Institute). Published papers: in numerous journals, including Journal of American History, William and Mary Quarterly, The Annals, Historical Methods, International Migration Review, The Public Interest. Research grants received: from NIMH, NEH, NSF, NIE, Spencer and Russell Sage Foundations, Princeton Institute for Advanced Study. At Bard since 1994.


Phone: 845-758-7726
Department: Levy Economics Institute
Location: Blithewood
Office: 217