High Schools and Early Colleges

High Schools and Early Colleges

High Schools and Early Colleges

Liberal arts institutions in the 21st century must embrace a vision of education that looks beyond the undergraduate years and the traditionally aged college student. Bard high schools and early colleges educate the next generation of thought leaders, preparing them to be lifetime learners. Bard creates opportunities for talented, hardworking young people from all economic backgrounds: Bard High School Early College students earn their high school diploma and an A.A. at a free, public school, and 85 percent of students at Simon's Rock receive financial aid to attend.

Bard Early College National Initiative

The early college initiative builds on the success of Bard's innovative early college programming, expanding access to rigorous opportunities in the liberal arts for public high school students across the country. Through the initiative, Bard advocates for public policies that support early colleges, broadens its early college network, and works with other colleges to extend early college programming in their districts.

Bard College at Simon's Rock

Bard College at Simon’s Rock has been a leader in the early college movement for more than 40 years. Simon's Rock continues to distinguish itself as the only residential college in the country specifically designed to provide bright, highly motivated students with the opportunity to begin college immediately after the 10th or 11th grade. VIEW MORE >>

Bard High School Early Colleges

At the Bard High School Early College campuses in New York City (Manhattan and Queens), Newark, New Jersey, and Cleveland, Ohio, high school–aged students, through rigorous study, earn a high school diploma and an A.A. degree in four years. VIEW MORE >>

Early College in New Orleans

The Early College in New Orleans program is a series of free, college credit–bearing courses in local high schools. It offers students at low-performing schools a high-quality liberal arts curriculum as well as tools for accessing higher education. About 10 percent of all juniors and seniors in the New Orleans public schools participate in the Bard program. VIEW MORE >>