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On the Die Bärliner blog, Bard College Berlin students share first-person accounts of their experiences in Berlin, in the classroom and beyond. As Maria Khan writes of her time in Berlin, "Be it through academic or leisure activities, I often find myself rediscovering the world all over again."

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Click below to download a location guide which includes information on the essentials of daily life in Berlin.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q: How many courses will I take per semester in Berlin?
  • Q: How will these courses transfer to Bard College? Will they count toward the B.A. degree?
  • Q: How will course advising happen?
  • Q: How will I get my books and other course materials?
  • Q: Where will I do Language and Thinking (L&T) and Citizen Science?
  • Q: Where can I find the academic calendar?
  • Q: Where is Bard College Berlin located in Berlin and what is the campus like?
  • Q: How many students currently study at Bard College Berlin?
  • Q: What are the dormitories like?
  • Q: Where can we eat?
  • Q: Is there a gym facility?
  • Q: How will I get from Bard College Berlin to other parts of the city?
  • Q: Do students need a special visa?
  • Q: What sort of health and counseling services are available? Will my American insurance cover medical expenses abroad?
  • Q: Will there be employment opportunities for students?
  • Q: What is the best way for me to get money in Berlin? Should I bring traveler's checks? Is it possible for me to open a German bank account?
  • Q: Will there be a Family Weekend or other similar organized time for family visits?