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Student Action & Youth Leadership Conference

GET ENGAGED: Student Action & Youth Leadership Conference

Call for Applicants - March 2018

Thirty-five students from Bard’s international network will come together for the 5th annual GetEngaged workshop style conference from March 15-22, 2018, at Central European University’s campus in Budapest Hungary.

This dynamic, action-oriented, skill-building conference helps students develop their own sense of community leadership through workshops, networking and presenting.

Applications are due November 29, 2017! Apply here.
Accepted students will be notified the week of December 18.

Call for Proposals

Call for Proposals: Network Course on Freedom of Expression

The Bard Center for Civic Engagement is announcing a call for faculty willing to teach a network course on Freedom of Expression, preferably for spring 2018. Network courses are taught by faculty from Bard’s network of partner institutions, including: Al-Quds Bard College of Arts and Sciences, American University of Central Asia, Bard College Annandale, Bard College Berlin, European Humanities University and the Faculty of Liberal Arts and Sciences at St. Petersburg State University (“Smolny College). Faculty agree to share readings, assignments and identify ways in which teaching in a network can expose students to different ideas and perspectives. A similar network course on Global Citizenship is in its second full (and fourth partial) iteration and a course on Nationalism is also being prepared for next term.


The language of freedom of speech is often invoked to defend those who speak truth to power. Free speech can be seen as the language of political resistance, as we saw when Vaclav Havel spoke up against the Czech Communist regime or when American football players kneel during the national anthem. But freedom of speech also is invoked to protect satirical criticism as in the case of Charlie Hebdo and the Danish Cartoons’ depiction of the Prophet Mohammed. And today free speech is frequently invoked in the name of conservative provocateurs like Geert Wilders or Milo Yiannopolous. Many see free speech as the fundamental right of individual liberty and self-expression, which is why it is guaranteed in Article 19 of the International Declaration of Human Rights.  Even for those who reject the idea that unrestricted speech will lead to political truths, the free expression of competing ideas girds a pluralist society where disagreement and dissent are prized. On another side, however, uncensored speech can lead to dangerous and at times painful ideas. Should anti-democratic groups be free to argue democratically against democracy? Should racist and sexist speech be permitted when it cows certain people from the public sphere, thus limiting their right to public engagement? Questions of the freedom of speech and ideas go to the heart of our global, liberal, and democratic community. The incredible ferment around the extent of free speech today shows how unsettled this community is.

The course will explore the historical, constitutional, legal social and political implications of freedom of expression.


Faculty are expected to participate in the construction of a course. A conference for selected faculty members will occur late fall 2017,  at a site to be determined. Faculty will agree to make efforts to share readings (in the case of Global Citizenship) and assignments, and identify means of linking classes synchronously and asynchronously. Assistance with logistical and structural support will be provided.

Faculty who are interested should submit a short proposal indicating their interest, provide an explanation as to why their academic work and/or teaching is relevant to the course and provide an indication of when they can teach the course. Please send information or questions to Jonathan Becker -- -- by October 10.

News & Announcements

Center for Civic Engagement Support for Bard's International Network Participation in Conferences

The Center for Civic Engagement has limited funding available to help support faculty from
Bard College’s International Network of Partners participate in conferences. Faculty
accepted to take part in conferences may apply for funding by submitting: VIEW MORE >>

Bard International Network Launches FNE

In 2014, the Bard International Network began designing and implementing new tools for gathering and analyzing information across the network. VIEW MORE >>

Additional information for Get Engaged applicants

Pre-conference meetings and assignments include:
  • End of January Video Conference Meet up with all participants
  • Mid-February written assignments (draft submissions of one pager, budgets, abstracts, presentations)
  • February – March, mentor video meet-ups preparing student presentations
  • Early March final submissions and pre-conference readings

Workshops will focus on:
  • Empathic Speech
  • Public Speaking
  • Networking
  • Community Organizing
  • Developing Community Partnerships
  • Practitioners Perspectives

Students from eligible partner institutions include:
  • American University of Central Asia in Bishkek
  • Al-Quds Bard College of Arts and Sciences in East Jerusalem
  • Bard College in Annandale-on-Hudson
  • Bard College Berlin
  • European Humanities University in Vilnius
  • Bard College at Simon’s Rock
  • the Faculty of Liberal Arts and Sciences of St. Petersburg State University

For more information regarding the conference contact Dean for Civic Engagement Erin Cannan or Assistant Dean for Civic Engagement Cammie Jones at

About the Conference

Click below for clips from past conferences:
2014 Conference
2015 Conference
2016 Conference



The Get Engaged conference is not a traditional academic conference. Instead it is designed to grow the network of young social entrepreneurs and change agents who are actively using the liberal arts as a tool to develop solutions to challenges in their communities. The conference is an effective forum to strengthen the Bard network/inter-campus collaborations among students, faculty, and administrators, and acts as an inspiration to participants whose aspiration is focused on addressing complicated social issues.

Click here for the 2017 conference program.


The conference workshops offered skills-based sessions to encourage Get Engaged Fellows to seek innovative and creative approaches to social issues and provided participants the opportunity to collaborate with students in the Bard International network. Workshops focused on:
  • Leadership
  • Public Speaking
  • Networking
  • Social Media and Effective Organizing and Programming
  • Community Partnerships
  • Innovation and Creativity


Anastasiya Radzionava, European Humanities University

Each fellow was asked to make a short, creative presentation of his or her project or program incorporating plans for future development.

See Get Engaged Fellows in action:

Get Engaged Fellows

Get Engaged Fellows

Bard International Network Get Engaged Fellows developed programs and projects as change agents within their institutions and in their local, national and international communities, implementing creative, and sometimes far-reaching activities, including such projects as:

  • Music as Civic Engagement, Reeda Alji, Al-Quds Bard College for Arts and Sciences (AQB)
  • PALiMUN: The First Palestine Model UN University Conference, Saif Salah, AQB
  • Bright Life Winter Camp, Aiperi Iskankova, American University of Central Asia (AUCA)
  • Nomadic Art Camp: Sustainable Development through Contemporary Art, Chynara Bakytkyzy, AUCA
  • Creat(i)ve (Resist)ance, JaQuan Beachem, Bard Annandale
  • Nicaragua Education Initiative: STEM Initiative, Odett Salcedo, Bard Annandale
  • Open Campus Against Closed Borders, Marta Vuković, Bard College Berlin (BCB)
  • Pankow Theatre Company, Clara Canales, BCB
  • Development of the English-Speaking Debate Community at St. Petersburg State University, Nadia Vikulna, Faculty of Arts & Sciences at St. Petersburg State University (FLAS)
  • House of Arts, Polina Peremitina and Vlada Lodesk, FLAS
  • Information Media Campaign on the Internet “Women and Career,” Alesia Pesenka, European Humanities University (EHU)
  • “The Theatre of EHU” and “Cinema Club of EHU,” Volya Novik, EHU

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