Our Model

Model description

Coursework in the Bard MAT program is aligned with fieldwork in the candidate's school or in partner schools coordinated through our placement office. Students can earn guided practice credit through a variety of teaching roles determined in collaboration with faculty and these partner organizations. These roles include jobs in local schools, serving as assistant teachers, teaching and mentoring in after-school enrichment programs, or working in unpaid instructional roles at non-profit community organizations or public schools. Candidates can earn a California single subject teaching credential in 14 months while teaching and completing the M.A.T. degree The program is structured, with evening and weekend classes, to support candidates capable of immediate part-time employment and/or full-time credentialed employment.

In addition, candidates are expected to benefit from personalized faculty mentoring, classroom-based research, collaborative instruction with peers, academic research projects in literature, history, or ethnic studies, study and application of restorative justice practices, and career placement assistance.

Liberal Arts

Bard has earned a respected reputation pioneering studies in the arts, humanities and the sciences for students from all social backgrounds. Bard MAT graduate and credential students gain subject matter mastery and strategies for teaching through open inquiry and thoughtful deliberation. Bard MAT graduates are prepared to extend the liberal arts into middle and high school curricula, promoting the importance of writing, close reading, and critical thinking.


Through Bard MAT’s unique partnerships with neighboring Central Los Angeles educational organizations and the Los Angeles Promise Zone, Bard MAT students build connections with a network of schools, non-profits, and community organizers who are rethinking teaching and learning in a culturally rich but under-resourced community. 


School Partnerships

The Bard MAT program offers ongoing faculty mentoring and peer support new and continuing teachers developing curriculum and innovative instructional approaches through guided placements in public schools.