Bard History & Related Links


Bard Timeline - provides a quick reference to significant dates in Bard's history.

History of Bard - provides a concise narrative of important events in the College's history, and describes current programs and initiatives at Bard College.

Horticulture at Bard - articulates Bard's strong commitment to preserving and enhancing the natural beauty of its campus. This site features an interactive garden map, with linked pictures and descriptions of specific gardens, trees, and allees that dignify the College grounds.

Bard Student Newspaper Archive - launched in 2000 by two former Bard students, this site provides access to over 10,000 pages of student newspapers, spanning more than 100 years of Bard's history. As the creators of the site note in their introduction: "Nowhere does one find a more intimate, personal account of Bard's cultural history than in the expressive output of the students themselves."

The Bard Family - by Felix Hirsch, a former librarian and professor at Bard, offers a brief history of the Bard Family and the early history of Bard College.

Reamer Kline's Education for the Common Good - A History of Bard College the First 100 Years, 1860-1960

New York Heritage - New York Heritage hosts many of Bard's digital collections. You can view the entire portal here.