Use & Access

Due to COVID 19 restrictions, the Reading Room will be closed to researchers for the Fall 2020 semester. Please contact the archivist at to see how we can help you with your research.

Rights and Usage Information for Bard College Archives and Special Collections Digital Collections: The materials on this web site are made available for use in research, teaching and private study. For those purposes the user may reproduce these materials (by download, printing, etc.) without further permission, on the condition that proper attribution of the source for all copies is provided by clearly acknowledging the name of the Library, the title of the web page or resource, and the URL at which it was located.

For other uses of these materials, i.e. in commercial products, for broadcast or publication, permission must be obtained in advance from the Bard College Archives and Special Collections staff.

Duplication Policy

  1. Researchers must complete a Duplication Request Form before duplication orders can be processed.
  2. Archives & Special Collections staff must approve each duplication request. Requests may be denied if, in the judgment of the staff, such copying will harm the original item(s), or is prohibited by donor arrangements or US copyright law.
  3. Scanning will be completed by Visual Resource Center staff at Bard College.
  4. All copies (of whatever type) are provided for the researcher's personal use. Further duplication of copies is not permitted, nor may those copies be deposited in another institution.
  5. In making use of copies, researchers assume full responsibility for any infringement of copyright or publication rights belonging to the author, the author's heirs or assigns. Researchers also accept responsibility for communicating with the holder(s) of copyright concerning permissions to quote or otherwise publish material protected by copyright. An exception to this concerns duplication of Bard College Senior Project manuscripts. When the item to be duplicated is a Senior Project, archives staff will contact the author for permission to make the requested copy.
  6. In making digital copies available, Bard College does not thereby grant permission to reproduce those copies or to quote extensively from them for publication. For permission to publish, please contact the archivist at A publication fee may apply.
  7. Researchers agree to pay the Bard Archives & Special Collections department all costs incurred in making requested copies according to the established fee schedule.

Duplication Fee Schedule

  1. Photocopies: 20 cents per page.
  2. Digital output: Digital image, produced from on-site flatbed scanner: $10.00.
  3. For mail orders, a postage and handling fee will also be applied. Orders totaling $15.00 or less will be charged an additional $3.00 for postage and handling; orders totaling more than $15.00 will be charged at a rate of 20% of the total.