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Need to check on the status of the books you've borrowed? Need to review your ILLiad interlibrary loan account? You can manage borrowed materials by logging into your library accounts below.

Renew My Books & Check My Fines

How to Renew Books:

  1. Click on the link "Currently Checked Out Items" to review the items you have checked out. Your ConnectNY books will be listed at the bottom.
  2. Choose the book(s) you wish to renew by clicking on the box(es) to the left of the title(s). When renewing ConnectNY books, renew each book separately.
  3. Click on the "Renew Selected Items" button.

Important Information for Patrons:

  • All books from Stevenson and ConnectNY have one renewal.
  • Books must be either renewed or returned by the due date to avoid fines
  • Accrued fines of $50 or more will suspend your library privileges, including access to Reserves readings
  • Books on Reserves, Journals, CDs, Videos and DVDs are for in-library use only

Please see a member of the Library staff or email us if you have any questions.