Career Development for Alumni/ae

We encourage Bard alumni/ae to stay connected to CDO after they graduate. Recent graduates are welcome to schedule phone and/or office appointments for career advising and are invited to register at CDO's online job board, Handshake, to post jobs as an employer or to search opportunities as a job-seeker.
Keep in Touch with Bard 
The Anne Cox Chambers Alumni/ae Center

Keep in Touch with Bard 


Collaborate with CDO

We are always looking for new ways to collaborate with alumni/ae for specific career panels, workshops, mentoring opportunities, networking events, and job/internship opportunities. CDO hosts a variety of events each semester and also participates in the annual Fall Recruiting Consortium, a prestigious recruiting event where seniors from top liberal arts colleges interview for full-time positions starting after graduation. If you would like to become involved in CDO's lineup of events, please contact our office. We welcome your ideas! Interested in sharing your story? We also feature alumni/ae profiles on our website and social media. Contact CDO for more information,

Staying Connected

Bard alumni/ae continue to have access to CDO's resources after graduation. You may continue to use our online resources, such as Handshake, as well as make appointments for career advising, resume reviews, and more. We also encourage all alumni/ae to get involved with the Office of Alumni/ae Affairs to engage with fellow members of the Bard College Alumni/ae Association and keep connected to alumni/ae events and Bard news. 

Other Alumni/ae Resources at Bard: