Off-Campus Tenant's Rights

Understanding Your Lease

Be sure to read the entire lease and understand everything before you sign.
  • Document all verbal agreements (repairs, painting, etc.) and be sure that notations of them are signed on all copies of the lease.
  • Always pay using a check, money order, or bank cashier's check. Never pay in cash unless you immediately get a written receipt.
  • Remember that both the tenant's and the property owner's rights should be protected.

Protecting Yourself in a Dispute

If you have a disagreement or dispute with your landlord:
  • Talk to your landlord. Discuss the situation and possible resolutions, including a time frame for repairs.
  • Organize the details. Take notes and photos; document e-mails, phone calls, and any correspondence; note date, time, and location when event occurred.
  • Be persistent. Follow up with the landlord if the situation has not been taken care of in the time frame agreed upon.
  • If there has been no resolution or the landlord has not contacted you, there are a number of local and regional agencies that can assist you.

Moving In and Out

  • When you move in or out, make sure to walk through with camera in hand to record the condition of the apartment.
  • Be sure to properly dispose of your trash and recycling to avoid fines when you are moving out. Respect your neighbors; make sure you have removed any outdoor furniture, garbage, or recycling.

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