Emergency Management

Emergency Management is defined as an emergency with institutional concerns where continuity of business may be interrupted. Crisis Management is defined as individual or psychological emergencies. While the specific circumstances of any emergency and the detailed actions required for its mitigation cannot be predicted in advance, we can plan and prepare for a successful and comprehensive management of emergencies.

Our detailed Emergency Management plan is available here.  

Private Information

Any media inquiries that involve information about specific students should be directed to the Dean of Students. Such inquiries will be handled in strict compliance with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA). This federal law protects the confidentiality of a student’s education record and some personal information. Information that may be given includes information found in a directory: the student’s full name, campus address and phone number, dates of attendance and degrees, honors and certificates received, etc.

It is vital to direct such request for information to the Dean of Students. As noted above, any information released by the Director of Communications is considered appropriate for distribution and will only be released through official Bard College correspondence. 


Contacting Safety and Security

Dial x7460
Emergencies Only x7777

Director ext. 7300
Assistant Director ext. 7462
Community members should feel free to discuss security policy issues,
or any other concerns at any time, confidentiality assured.
Our Location
Old Gym, adjacent to Olin Humanities.
The Security Dispatcher's Office and the Patrol Office are located on the first floor.
Security functions 24 hours a day.