Vehicle Regulations

The purpose of this section is to set forth rules and regulations that have been promulgated for the safety and welfare of students, faculty, staff, and visitors; the protection and maintenance of college property; and, to govern traffic on campus. They are essential in order to
  • Ensure the safety of the Bard community.
  • Allow access to all facilities for the entire community.
  • Ensure the orderly operation of all campus departments.
  • Allow for emergency vehicle access.
  • Maintain the aesthetic appearance of the campus.
It is the responsibility of all faculty, staff, students, contract employees, and community members to read and abide by these regulations. Failure to comply may result in any of the following: the issuance of a parking ticket; the booting of the vehicle; the vehicle being towed at the operator's expense; the suspension and /or revocation of parking privileges on campus.

Please read the regulations for:


Parking Permits

Visitors & Guests

Emergency Services



Contacting Safety and Security

Dial x7460
Emergencies Only x7777

Director ext. 7300
Assistant Director ext. 7462
Community members should feel free to discuss security policy issues,
or any other concerns at any time, confidentiality assured.
Our Location
Old Gym, adjacent to Olin Humanities.
The Security Dispatcher's Office and the Patrol Office are located on the first floor.
Security functions 24 hours a day.