Bard College Transfer Students

Welcome new Bardian. 
Please use this site to familiarize yourself with Bard prior to your arrival on campus. We want your transition to be as seamless as possible, so we recommend that you spend some time learning about both the academic and campus life here at Bard.

Welcome Transfer Students

Arrival Day: Tuesday, August 28 
The contents of these webpages are intended to help you familiarize yourself with Bard prior to your arrival on campus. If you have any remaining questions, don’t hesitate to call Timand Bates at 845-758-7454 or e-mail at

Transfer students have ample time to complete their Moderation. (See video on left for more on Moderation.) You will work closely with your faculty adviser to create a program of study that makes sense for you.
Meet the Dean of Transfer Students

Meet the Dean of Transfer Students

Timand Bates '02, Assistant Dean of Students
Timand, an alumnus of 2002, works with sophomores, juniors and seniors [last names Q-Z] offering social and academic support for students who may be struggling, are unsure about their program of study, want help with course selection, or have questions about how to improve their academic skills and time-management strategies. He coordinates programming and support for incoming transfer students and students who live off campus. Timand is also a field supervisor for the Bard MAT program, where he works with graduate students who are in pre-service training to become public school English teachers. When Timand is not supporting Bardians, his preferred use of time is exploring deep in the Catskills with his two fierce daughters, Alice and Hazel, and wife, Monica, who is also an educator. Despite Timand’s life-long commitment to literature and literacy, he is quite proud that his family’s first initials spell M.A.T.H. — an homage to the logic of love! 

Questions? Contact Timand Bates by e-mail at or by phone at 845-758-7454. Or come by Sottery Hall and visit the Center for Student Life and Advising.

1. Complete the Pre-Arrival Checklist

We are excited to meet you on Tuesday, August 28 but before you arrive, there are a few tasks you need to complete.

2. Send Bard your Transcripts

Transcripts from your previous institution(s), which include final grades, should be sent as soon as possible to Registrar Peter Gadsby, who determines how many credits will transfer and which of Bard’s distribution requirements you have satisfied. If you have questions, contact him directly at or 845-758-7458. Send Transcripts to Office of the Registrar, 30 Campus Road, Annandale-on-Hudson, NY 12504-5000.

3. Submit Your Bard Card ID Photo

The Bard Card Photo Tool is now open!
Submitting your Bard Card photo in advance is voluntary, however it will save you a lot of time on Arrival Day. If you do not submit in advance you will need to get your photo taken and have your card created before accessing your residence hall.