Early College Network Students

Welcome to Annandale!

Welcome to Annandale!

Please use this site to familiarize yourself with Bard prior to your arrival on campus. We want your transition to be as seamless as possible, so we recommend that you spend some time learning about both the academic and campus life here at Bard. Some early college students will be participating in Bard's Language and Thinking Program (L&T), which will require an early arrival to campus. Please refer to the arrival schedules below.

Bard Early College (BEC) Center Students

For Students from BEC New Orleans, Harlem Children's Zone, and Hudson
BEC students are required to take the L&T Program and should follow the arrival and orientation schedule for incoming first-year students.

Bard High School Early College (BHSEC) Students

For students from BHSEC Manhattan, Queens, Newark, Cleveland, and Baltimore
BHSEC students are eligible to participate in Bard's Language and Thinking Program. Students participating in L&T should follow the arrival schedule for incoming first-year students. Students not participating in L&T will arrive with the transfer students.
Early College L&T Interest Form 
Please Note: As a Bard Early College student, you can choose to attend L&T. Please know that there is an additional fee for the program. Students from the Bard Early College Centers (Harlem Children's Zone, Hudson, and New Orleans) are required to attend L&T and do not need to demonstrate interest using this form. (Admitted students can fill out this form using their Bard applicant portal login information.)



ECO Scholars
If you are an Early College Opportunity (ECO) scholar, click the link below for more information
or contact the BEOP Office at 845-758-7456 or beop@bard.edu