Bard New Visiting and Exchange Students

International visiting and exchange students come to Bard for a short period of time, typically a semester or a year. They do not earn a four-year degree from Bard like our matriculating international students, but rather come to Bard to experience the College as part of another program of study. If you are a visiting or exchange student from another country, your primary point of contact at Bard is the Institute for International Liberal Education (IILE) in the Jim and Mary Ottaway Gatehouse.
Welcome, Visiting and Exchange Students!

Welcome, Visiting and Exchange Students!

Visiting students come to Bard under the auspices of the Program in International Education (PIE). We are here to support visiting and exchange students as they make the transition from their home institution to Bard. Stay in touch with us as you join the Bard community. We'll help you take advantage of our thriving student life, academic opportunities, and beautiful campus.

Exchange students come to Bard from a number of different international institutions. Visit the Bard Abroad exchange website.

Questions? Contact Study Abroad Advisor Trish Fleming by email at, call 845-758-7080, or come visit the Institute for International Liberal Education in the Ottaway Gatehouse.

Exchange Student Checklist

1. Apply for a Student Visa

2. Complete All Required Forms

3. Set Up Your Email and Coordinate Your Arrival