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Photo by Jennifer May
Photo by Jennifer May
Bard’s extraordinary faculty are dedicated to the philosophy of teaching. Today and throughout Bard’s history, members of the faculty have effected change in medicine, the arts and letters, international affairs, journalism, scientific research, and education, among other endeavors. These distinguished scholars are advisers as well as instructors: Bard has no graduate teaching assistants. And the average class size of 17 allows for intimate discussions and one-on-one interaction.

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Michael Tibbetts

Michael Tibbetts
Michael Tibbetts is a professor of biology at Bard, as well as a faculty member in the Master of Arts in Teaching Program. He is a molecular biologist who uses zebrafish as a model to investigate questions related to hearing. Dr. Tibbetts earned his B.S. from Southeastern Massachusetts University and his Ph.D. from Wesleyan University. He is a recipient of the Peterson Fellowship from Wesleyan and a National Science Foundation grant (2008, to study transmission of anaplasmosis from ticks to people).

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