Bard College Student Handbook

Academic Deficiencies

The Faculty Executive Committee determines the status of students with academic deficiencies, with attention to the following guidelines:

  • A warning letter may be sent to students whose academic work is deficient but does not merit probation.
  • A first-semester student who receives a C– and a D or lower will be placed on academic probation.
  • Students other than first-semester students who receive two grades of C– or lower will be placed on probation.
  • A student who has failed to make satisfactory progress toward the degree may be required to take a mandatory leave of absence. Factors taken into account include grades, failure to moderate in the second year, and the accumulation of incompletes and withdrawals. A student on mandatory leave of absence may return to the College only after having complied with conditions stated by the Faculty Executive Committee.
  • To be removed from probation, a student must successfully complete at least three courses (12 credits) with no grade lower than a C during the next semester, and ­fulfill any other stipulations mandated by the Faculty Executive Committee.
  • A student who is on probation for two successive semesters may be dismissed from the College.
  • A student who receives three Fs or two Fs and two Ds may be dismissed from the College.

Decisions about a student’s status are made at the discretion of the Faculty Executive Committee, taking into consideration the student’s entire record and any recommendations from the student’s instructors and advisers and relevant members of the administration. Academic dismissal appears on a student’s transcript.