Bard College Student Handbook

Financial Aid

Physical Plant 108, phone: 7526



The philosophy behind need-based financial aid is that the student and his or her family must assume primary responsibility for paying for the student’s education. The College expects that the student and his or her parents will contribute toward the College bill from both income and assets. The College also expects that the student will work during the summer months to earn funds that may be applied toward the College bill or other educational expenses.

Financial aid is awarded on an annual basis. An application must be filed each year for the student to be considered for aid. Forms are available by October each year and must be filed by the following March 31st.

Renewal of the scholarship amount initially awarded is contingent on the following:

The student must incur the charges for which the award is applicable. The student must maintain satisfactory academic progress as defined by federal, state and Bard guidelines. The FAFSA and PROFILE must be submitted by March 31st for fall and spring attendance and by December 1st for spring attendance only. Applications received after these dates for the prospective enrollment periods will receive consideration for scholarship assistance, if funds are available. A financial need for the scholarship must be demonstrated annually according to the methods and procedures of the federal government and Bard College.

Increases in need-based scholarship may be obtained only upon application to the Financial Aid Review Committee, which meets three times per year. This process also applies to students who did not apply for or receive aid when they entered Bard College, and now find they need to apply for need-based scholarship. Information on how to apply to the Review Committee may be obtained by contacting the Office of Financial Aid.