Bard College Student Handbook

Bard Information Technology

Bard Information Technology
Helpdesk Phone: 7500
Helpdesk location: Henderson Annex
Computer Lab Hours:
Bard Information Technology provides a wide array of information technology services to members of the Bard community. Our mission is:
To imaginatively apply emerging technologies to advance learning, scholarship, research, artistry and public discourse.
This is a broad statement that implies many things—large and small. Our job every day is to make sure we take care of the small things while keeping our eyes on the big ones. We must help users learn to put page numbers on a Word document or create mailing lists at the same time we improve network performance and data security; we must create durable and productive relationships with students, faculty and staff that promote the thoughtful application of technology to the work we all do every day; we must share what we know, learn from our mistakes, and make Bard a better place—even a little better—every day.
In order to move the varied work of the college forward, we must ensure that:

  • The infrastructure of network services and systems is powerful, reliable, secure and sustainable;
  • Users in classrooms and offices, gathering and performance spaces receive support and training that is timely and thorough;
  • The college’s web presence is lively, informative and easy to navigate;
  • Data is secure, comprehensive, and made useful by turning it into campus intelligence in support of strategic decision making;
  • We anticipate considerable change in skills and specializations necessary to an evolving technology environment by expanding professional development opportunities;
  • We continually seek opportunities such as outsourcing, collaborative purchasing and other partnerships that extend available resources;
  • We are recognized as an active and open source of general knowledge and special expertise concerning ways of using technology to accomplish the college's academic work and the daily administration of the campus.