Bard College Student Handbook

Residence Life

The Bard community flourishes if all members act in harmony to protect the rights of others and promote the College’s academic focus. When conflicts arise, it is the right and responsibility of the group, whether it’s the residence hall, club, or committee, to work out a solution that is fair to all. This chapter will outline residence hall regulations. All students, whether on or off campus residents, and their guests are subject to the terms and conditions of the Facility Use Agreement. In the rare case that a student has not signed the agreement prior to  move-in or at Room Draw they are still bound to the agreement upon entering on-campus housing.
The College reserves the right to limit the use of its facilities or to terminate residential privileges if: a student does not remain in good standing as defined in the College regulations; jeopardizes the well-being of others or fails to comply with the terms of the Facility Use Agreement. The Director of Residence Life and/or the Director of Housing has the right to reassign rooms or cancel housing privileges whenever such action is deemed to be in the best interest of the student or the College.