Bard College Student Handbook

Sign Posting Policy

The following policy is intended to provide a reasonable level of postering and publicity on campus consistent with community standards. Posting is permitted in approved areas only. Postings are not allowed on doors, windows, or walls. The Office of Student Activities must approve any exceptions. Please check with individual departments regarding their building’s posting policies.

Postings not clearly displaying a sponsor or contact information are subject to removal without notice. Postings may not advertise or condone the use of alcohol or illegal substances. All posters are expected to be taken down within 7 days of the end of an event; if there is no date on the posting, the sponsor should indicate when the poster may be removed.

Some bulletin boards are designated for specific use and may require special permission and/or appropriateness of sponsor or topic. If a board is not specifically identified, it is available for general posting by anyone. Posters may be affixed only with tape (painters tape is the preferred type of tape followed by masking tape), thumbtacks or staples on bulletin boards. Stickers or postings that use glue adhesives will be considered vandalism, and their sponsors are subject to restitution for damages, in addition to a vandalism fine and/or PRB or SJB hearing. Bard College fosters and supports the exchange of information and expression of ideas. To that end, students are not allowed to remove flyers they find offensive. An example of such a flyer should be brought to the attention of the Office of Student Activities. Postings that violate the free speech policy may be removed and sponsors may be subject to disciplinary action. Students, student organizations, and off-campus entities wishing to erect, attach, or post signs, banners, posters, or decorations of exceptional size on any part of campus property not covered by the policies listed above are responsible for obtaining prior approval from the Office of Student Activities. The College reserves the right to remove and/or investigate any posting if the legitimacy and/or appropriateness are in question.