Bard College Student Handbook


Most thefts on campus are crimes of opportunity. Therefore, students are encouraged to keep doors and windows locked, not to prop exterior doors and not to leave belongings unattended.

Theft or destruction of College or personal property constitutes a violation of College regulations and potentially a criminal offense. The College may report theft or destruction of property to appropriate law enforcement authorities. Theft from the College Bookstore and Dining Services is a serious infraction and may lead to fines, restitution, and disciplinary proceedings inclusive of criminal charges. Students who use instructional and other College equipment are expected to return it on time and to maintain and care for it. Failure to comply with these regulations may lead to disciplinary proceedings inclusive of criminal charges. Food theft as well as the removal of dishes, utensils, and other wares from any of the College dining facilities (including the Down the Road and Manor Cafés) will result in a $50 fine. Second offenders will be subject to a $75 fine and could result in disciplinary proceedings. Disposition of College property to another under the pretense that it is one’s own is not permitted and may result in a $50 fine and disciplinary proceedings.

Students are encouraged to protect their personal belongings by engraving the objects and retaining the serial numbers, make and model in a safe location, perhaps at home. Students who are victims of theft or vandalism are encouraged to file a report with the Office of Safety and Security for insurance purposes. Students are encouraged to file a formal police report for thefts exceeding $100 in value. The College accepts no responsibility for lost or stolen items. Students should obtain insurance for personal property, whether through a parent’s homeowner’s policy or a type of renters insurance.