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Bard students:
Trish Fleming
, Bard Study Abroad Adviser

All students:
Hannah Barrett for programs at Bard College Berlin

Jen Murray for programs at Al-Quds Bard

Leiah Heckathorn for programs at CEU

Quinton Scribner for programs at Smolny and AUCA 

Volunteer and
Intern Abroad

Bard College Students should consult with the Career Development Office for additional resources on internships and job opportunities abroad.

Bard Opportunities: 

Other Programs: 
Bard’s high expectations of student achievement extend to study abroad. Bard has developed a number of programs specifically designed to integrate students into foreign cultures and academic environments. Especially when combined with related academic study and foreign language fluency, study abroad enables students to gain essential perspectives on the history, culture, and concerns of people around the globe.