Transfer Applicants

Am I a Transfer Student?
A transfer student is defined as one who has officially matriculated into a degree program (associate’s or bachelor’s) at an accredited junior college, college, or university, and completed at least one semester at that institution. Candidates who have taken college classes without being admitted into an institution's degree program are considered incoming first-year students, not transfer students. Bard also accepts international transfer students; the application requirements differ from those of domestic transfer students. Transfer students who are 24 years or older should apply directly to Bard's Returning to College Program (RCP).
Dates and Deadlines

Dates and Deadlines

Regular Admission Due Nov. 1 March 1
Certification of Finances Form (Non-U.S. Citizens) Nov. 1 March 1
Financial Aid Due Nov. 1 March 1 (U.S. citizens)
March 1 (Non-U.S. citizens) 
Decision Notification Dec. 1 Mid-April
Deposit Due Dec. 16 May 15

If you are currently on your Gap Year, please note that your updated financial aid documents must be submitted by February 1, 2019.  

Common Application

This application method is for transfer students.


Required materials

  • Apply using the Common Application.
  • The College Report and college transcript are also required. A high school transcript is required unless the candidate will have completed an associate’s degree by the time of matriculation at Bard.
  • Both academic recommendations should come from college faculty. However, for those who have completed only one or two college semesters in circumstances where the classes have been large and contact with professors minimal, we will accept high school faculty recommendations.
  • Artistic supplements are required for transfer candidates seeking admission to the Photography program. (Please click on the link on the right for artistic supplement details for this program.)
NOTE: If you decide to submit artistic supplements, you can upload the files on your Applicant Portal. Instructions on accessing your applicant portal will be e-mailed to you once you apply to Bard.


Interviews for transfer students are recommended. Please click on the "Interview" link below for deadlines and for a link to reserve your interview time. 

Transfer Application Options

Transfer students may not apply to Bard through Early Action, Early Decision, Immediate Decision Plan, or the Bard Entrance Exam, but must apply Regular Admission. Application due dates also differ for transfer students (see "Dates and Deadlines" above).

Return to College Program

If you are 24 years or older and have completed at least one year's worth of college credits (28–32) prior to matriculation at Bard, you may apply as a transfer candidate through our Return to College Program (RCP).

Bard Early College Opportunity and Preferred Admission Programs

Bard High School Early College graduates who choose to apply to Bard College's main campus now have the opportunity to apply to the Preferred Admission and Early College Opportunity scholarship (ECO) programs. Preferred Admission students enjoy expanded orientation and preregistration, and can apply for ECO scholarships, which may cover up to full tuition.

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Transfer Credit


Financial Aid for Transfer Students

Any Questions?

  • What if I have completed less than one year of college?
  • How do I apply if I'm currently in a dual-enrollment program?
  • What kind of housing is available for transfer students?
  • What does it mean to be waitlisted?
  • Do I have to resubmit an application if I've already applied in the past and would like to be considered for another application year?