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Bard College Aid

All Bard College scholarships and grants are awarded for study at the College’s campus in Annandale-on-Hudson, New York. They cannot be applied toward payment of tuition and fees for programs at other institutions in the United States or abroad. These awards are for four continuous years of study, assuming all requirements are met. Students are automatically considered for all Bard College grants or scholarships for which they may be eligible. The Distinguished Scientist Scholars (DSS) program and the Levy Economics Scholarship have a supplement that must be submitted to the Office of Admission with your application.

Bard Scholarships

Nonrepayable grants are awarded to full-time students enrolled in the regular undergraduate program on the basis of financial need and academic achievement and promise. Typically, Bard Scholarships range from $5,000 to $35,000 annually for full-time enrollment. Bard scholarships are funded by various philanthropic sources. Subject to the wishes of the benefactors, a recipient may be advised of the source of his or her scholarship. Named scholarships are listed in the Bard College Catalogue.

Early College Opportunity Scholarship

Bard Early College students who choose to apply to Bard College as Preferred Transfer applicants may also apply for Early College Opportunity (ECO) scholarships, which provide grants covering up to full tuition. ECO applicants must demonstrate significant financial need and intellectual engagement. ECO Scholars will participate in an expanded Preferred Transfer Orientation program and will be expected to contribute to the civic life of the Bard College campus community. More Information

Distinguished Scientist Scholarship (DSS)

Each year, four-year scholarships covering up to full tuition are available for academically outstanding high school seniors who are committed to majoring in biology, chemistry, physics, computer science, or mathematics as an undergraduate. Additional financial aid to cover remaining costs, such as room and board, may be applied for and will be awarded on the basis of need. Additional assistance will take the form of a loan or campus employment. Scholarship recipients are also eligible for a $1,500 stipend for summer research projects following their sophomore and junior years. 

A student receiving a Distinguished Scientist Scholarship must major in the Division of Science, Mathematics, and Computing, maintain a 3.3 grade average, and earn at least 32 credits per year.

Applicants must complete the DSS Supplemental Application Form in order to be considered for this award. This supplement should be submitted directly to the Office of Admission by January 1.

Students can send forms via fax (845-758-5208) or e-mail (, or by mail to:

Bard College
Office of Admission
P.O. Box 5000 (30 Campus Road)
Annandale-on-Hudson, NY 12504

Distinguished Scientist Scholars Program for Continuing Undergraduates

Returning students not already receiving the DSS scholarship may be considered for a version of the DSS scholarship—typically $5,000 per year—that will supplement the aid they already receive. Applications for this program are considered directly by the Division of Science, Mathematics, and Computing; to be considered, contact the division. The names of the applicants selected will be forwarded to the Office of Financial Aid for the scholarship award.

Excellence and Equal Cost (EEC) Scholarship

A public high school senior whose cumulative grade point average is among the top 10 in his or her graduating class is eligible to be considered for a four-year EEC Scholarship. The EEC program is designed to assist students who would not otherwise be able to attend a private college or university because of its cost. The first-year students who are selected annually to receive EEC Scholarships attend Bard for what it would cost them to attend an appropriate four-year public college or university in their home state. Renewal of the EEC Scholarship is contingent on the student’s maintaining a B+ (3.3) grade average and accumulating at least 32 credits per year.

If an EEC student is a peer counselor, the figures used in computing the EEC award will be tuition, fees, and board. If a student moves off campus or is not charged some of the standard items, the EEC scholarship is computed by using the corresponding billing items of the state university, that is, tuition and mandated fees.

Foreign Language Intensive/Immersion Programs

Bard’s foreign language intensive/immersion programs include study in the country of the target language. The College provides limited financial assistance to eligible students in intensive or immersion programs to help with the additional expenses of study abroad. To be eligible for this assistance, a student must:
  • enroll in and successfully complete an intensive or immersion language program during the semester and participate in the study abroad program during intersession or summer;
  • file for financial aid and demonstrate financial need as determined by federal government and Bard College guidelines;
  • receive a financial clearance from the Office of Student Accounts.
Students who have received merit awards for the regular academic year are not automatically eligible for this assistance. The amount of the award will depend on a systematic assessment of the family’s financial strength; the maximum award will not exceed 60 percent of the program costs. Students who are considering an intensive or immersion program should weigh carefully the additional expense of study abroad, and those who would need financial aid for such study should consult with the Office of Financial Aid.

Levy Economics Scholarship

Each year, four-year scholarships covering up to full tuition are available to academically outstanding high school seniors committed to majoring in economics during their undergraduate studies.

Applicants must write a short statement (no more than one page) describing their interest in the field. This statement should be submitted directly to the Office of Admission by January 1.

Additional financial aid to assist in covering remaining costs, such as room and board, may be applied for and will be awarded on the basis of need. Additional assistance will take the form of a loan or campus employment.

A student receiving a Levy Economics Scholarship must major in economics, maintain a B+ (3.3) grade average, and earn at least 32 credits per year.

New Generation Scholarships

In order to make a liberal arts education available to recent immigrants, Bard College offers scholarships to students who demonstrate intellectual curiosity and a commitment to academic excellence, and whose parents were both born abroad and came to the United States within the past twenty years. These scholarships are awarded based on need.

Private Sources

Other places to look for scholarship funds include your high school guidance office, scholarship searches (if reasonably priced), scholarship handbooks, and parents’ places of employment or affiliations.

Although Bard requires students who receive outside scholarships to inform the Financial Aid Office of any awards that are received, the College encourages students to pursue outside scholarship sources; thus the Financial Aid Office does not routinely reduce Bard scholarship awards by the amount received through outside scholarships. Any such adjustments are made systematically and equitably.