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Office of Alumni/ae Affairs, Middle Eastern Studies Program, Human Rights Project, and Film and Electronic Arts Program Present

Tuesday, February 5, 2019

Film Screening and Q&A with Karam Ghossein and Emily Dische-Becker ’04

6:00 pm – 7:30 pm

The Human Rights Project, Middle Eastern Studies, Film and Electronic Arts, and the Office of Alumni/ae Affairs invite you to join us for and evening of films and discussion with Emily Dische-Becker ’04 and Karam Ghossei.

About the Films

Street of Death (Lebanon/Germany, 2017, 22 minutes, Arabic w/ English subtitles)
Directed by Karam Ghossein

In Street of Death, the narrator revisits the site of his youth—a lawless slum suburb pushed up against Beirut’s international airport, where vendettas, displays of masculinity and raucous street weddings punctuate daily life. A treacherous stretch of highway, coined “Street of Death” after the many young lives lost performing motorcycle stunts, separates the area from the dazzling Mediterranean sea. Street of Death draws a raw and intimate portrait of a neighborhood through the stories of five inhabitants, weaving the past and present, and inviting a reexamination of our relationship to the turmoil of adolescence.

My Father is Still a Communist (Lebanon, 2011, 31 minutes, Arabic w/ English subtitles)
Directed by Ahmad Ghossein. Cinematography by Karam Ghossein

Through 10 years of a love relationship recorded on several audiotapes and sent like love letters, the filmmaker shares the confessions and declarations made by his mother, Maream Hmadeh, to his father, Rashid Ghossein. Married during the civil war years, they were then separated by Rashid’s time abroad looking for work. During his father’s long absences, little Ahmad pictured him as a war hero fighting for the Communist Party. My Father Is Still a Communist is a living chronicle of lives marked by the economies of migrant labor, and by the effects of war. But more than these, it is a work that documents the roles that women are often left to play in the face of men, sometimes beloved, who depart to work in other lands; women who remain with only the memories of love, and fading hopes for a future together. 

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Time: 6:00 pm – 7:30 pm

Location: Preston