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Financial Aid for International Students

International students attending Bard College are eligible for financial assistance. Prospective international students who wish to be considered for financial aid must submit the International Student Application for Financial Aid and Certification of Finances Form. Click here to download the required forms. Students who submit the required financial aid forms are automatically considered for all Bard College grants or scholarships for which they may be eligible. The Distinguished Scientist Scholars (DSS) program and the Levy Economic Scholarship require a supplement that must be submitted to the Office of Admission with your application. The International Student Application for Financial Aid must be completed each academic year for continuation of scholarship.

The financial aid budget is limited. The College will only admit a student if there are resources—either personal funds or College grants and loans—adequate to pay for his or her expenses. International students are expected to furnish a significant portion of the cost to attend Bard. The average scholarship for an international applicant was $37,112 for the 2015-16 academic year. Please note: it is Bard's policy not to offer admission to any international student who is unable to demonstrate sufficient funding.

Aid Programs for International Students

Offers of financial aid typically consist of grants, loans, and campus employment. Such awards, occurring singularly or in combination, are referred to as a student's financial aid "package."

Apply for Financial Aid

In order to be considered for financial aid at Bard College, international students must complete and return the appropriate forms in the time frame specified.

Financial Aid Procedures

Awards procedures for international applicants differ somewhat from those for domestic students. Please review this information carefully.