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Bard Print

BardPrint is a declining balance program that puts a non-cash value subsidy of $37.50 on your Bard ID for printing and copying. The goal of BardPrint is to make convenient quality printing and copying available in a way that is sustainable and affordable for most, if not necessarily all, printing costs in all semesters.

How To’s

Printing Procedures (PDF)

Printer Drivers

Select from one of the drivers below:

The drivers above will allow you to print and pickup from any one of these locations:

  • New Henderson 24hr lab
  • Old Henderson, 1st Floor
  • Campus Center Lab
  • Olin Language Lab
  • Avery, 3rd Floor
  • CCS Library and Stevenson Library
  • Sawkill 101
  • Laszlo Z. Bito Conservatory Building

NOTE: For Macintosh users running 10.8 mountain lion: Please be sure to turn on gatekeeper to allow software downloaded from anywhere to be installed before running the installation package, you can do this by going to system preferences, then security and changing the radio button from “Mac store” to “Anywhere”


The balance at the start of each semester is reset to $37.50 and will decline each time you make a print, copy or scan according to the following rates:

Single-sided prints/copies……………….4 cents each

Double-sided prints/copies………………7 cents each

Scans……………………………………….1/2 cent each

This translates to 937 single-sided prints/copies, or 1,070 double-sided prints/copies, or 7,500 scans that you can send to your computer, in whatever combination you choose. If your initial semester balance runs out, you will need to add value to a FLEXprint account at the Student Accounts Office by cash or check. So, according to the rates above, $10 will get you an additional 200 copies.  The Student Accounts Office, open Monday-Friday / 9am-5pm, is located on the first floor of the B&G building directly in front of the Reem-Kayden Science Center.

The quota gets reset at the start of every semester.  If you run out of your quota you can add value to your card (cash or check) by going to the Student Accounts office located on the 1st floor of B&G.

Need to Print in Color?

  1. Email your document as a PDF to:
  2. Pick up your document at Central Services located next to B&G.
  3. Price:  40¢ per 8.5 x 11″ sheet.