Bard Gmail is the name of our email system.

Email Login


Email Password Change


For information on how to filter your emails in Gmail go HERE.

Bard Gmail:

All password changes can be performed by going to the email password change tool.  If you do not know your current password, please call the HelpDesk at 845-758-7500 with your Bard ID number handy so they can reset it. To log in to your email, access e-mail forwarding, vacation messages, and quotas, go to Bard Gmail.


You will have unlimited storage space in Gmail and Google Drive.

Mobile Devices

The following settings can be used to configure many mobile devices.

Android: use Gmail application

  • To setup your Gmail on an Android phone:
    • Open the Settings menu and go to Accounts (& sync settings) on your device.
    • The Accounts settings screen displays your current sync settings and a list of your current accounts.
    • Touch Google to add your Google Apps account.
    • Sign in with your full Bard Username and account.

iDevices: use Google option

  • To add Google account (Gmail and contacts) to the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus:
    • Go into Settings.
    • Select the Mail, Contacts, Calendars tab.
    • Tap on Add Account.
    • Select the Google tab.
    • Sign in with your full Bard Gmail username and password and hit Next.

Although the Bard HelpDesk does not support mobile devices such as phones or tablets, you can configure your mobile device using the settings above. Contact your mobile device’s vendor for all other questions and connection issues.

Phishing attempts are emails maliciously sent under the guise of a trusted source, such as Bard IT, that requests you to enter your account information into a mock-up version of one of our sites or utilities. As we will never request your password, any emails of this nature, should be considered suspicious and if you are ever uncertain, you should contact If you think your account has been compromised:

    1. Change your password.
    2. Change your Gmail settings.

settings>general>check and verify signature and vacation responder are correct

settings>accounts>check and verify ‘send mail as’ is correct

settings>filters>check and verify filters are correct

settings>forwarding>check and verify that the forwarding address is accurate

Contact (if necessary).

You can create an automatic respond message in Bard Gmail that will be sent to anyone who emails you during a specific time period.

  1. Login to your Bard Gmail.
  2. Click the Settings Gear button in the upper right hand corner of the window.  8-15-2016 1-31-36 PM
  3. Click the General tab. Scroll down until you see the Vacation Responder section.
    vacation respond
  4. Fill out the information necessary > Click the radio button for  Vacation responder on when you’re finished > click the Save Changes button.