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Our Team


David Brangaitis
Chief Information Officer
E-mail: dbrangai@bard.edu
Location: Old Henderson   313

Rae Ann Moore
Administrative Assistant
Phone: 845-758-7183
E-mail: rmoore@bard.edu
Location: Old Henderson   314a

Academic Technology Services

Leslie Melvin
Manager of Academic Technology Services
Phone: 845-758-7496
E-mail: melvin@bard.edu
Location: Old Henderson   204

Karen Homan
Training and Documentation Specialist
Phone: 845-758-7319
E-mail: homan@bard.edu
Location: Old Henderson   202

Management Information Systems

Michael Tompkins
Management Information Systems Director
Phone: 758-7523
E-mail: tompkins@bard.edu
Location: Old Henderson   211

Sean McGuirk
Database Administrator
Phone: 758-7591
E-mail: mcguirk@bard.edu
Location: Old Henderson   212

Michael Scheringer
Technical Assistant
Phone: 758-7590
E-mail: schering@bard.edu
Location: Old Henderson   209

Doug O’Connor
Data Solutions Specialist
Phone: 845-758-7285
E-mail: oconnor@bard.edu
Location: Old Henderson   209

Networks & Systems

Marilyn Cox
Network Administrator
Phone: 845-758-7324
E-mail: cox@bard.edu
Location: Old Henderson   301

Chris Iversen
Network Analyist
Phone: 845-758-7475
Email: civersen@bard.edu
Location: Old Henderson   301

Chris Ahmed
System Administrator
Phone: 845-758-7864
E-mail: cahmed@bard.edu
Location: Old Henderson   312

Sean Maguire
Server Administrator
Phone: 845-758-7062
Email: smaguire@bard.edu
Location: Old Henderson   312

User Services

Joe DeFranco
User Services Manager
Phone: 845-758-7369
E-mail: defranco@bard.edu
Location: Old Henderson   315

Laura Morano
Helpdesk Coordinator
Phone: 845-758-7228
E-mail: lmorano@bard.edu
Location: New Henderson Labs

Gregory Casazza
Helpdesk Technician
Phone: 845-758-7500 or 845-758-6822 x6063
E-mail: gcasazza@bard.edu
Location: New Henderson Labs

Zoë Collins
Macintosh Desktop Technician
Phone: 845-758-7856
E-mail: collins@bard.edu
Location: New Henderson Labs   107

Vince Winig
Windows Desktop Technician
Phone: 845-758-7341
E-mail: winig@bard.edu
Location: Old Henderson   312

Julie Zenie
Desktop Technician
Phone: 845-758-7119
E-mail: jzenie@bard.edu
Location: New Henderson Labs   108

Web Services

Juliet Meyers
Web Services Manager
Phone: 845-758-7665
E-mail: meyers@bard.edu
Location: Old Henderson   201e

Lori King
Web Production Coordinator
Phone: 845-758-6822 x6809
Email: lking@bard.edu
Location: Old Henderson   201c

Dawn Alexander
Web Applications Developer
Phone: 845-758-6822 x 6818
E-mail: alexande@bard.edu
Location: Old Henderson   201f

Darrian Rodgers
Web Production Specialist
Phone: 845-758-7039
E-mail: rodgers@bard.edu
Location: Old Henderson   201c

Maya Van DerMeer
Graphic Designer
E-mail: mvanderm@bard.edu
Phone: 845-758-7034
Location: Old Henderson   201d