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IT Security

Network & Systems

The Networks and Systems department is responsible for the computing infrastructure and architecture for Bard College in support of the overall mission of Bard Information Technology.

The Network team is responsible for the reliability, security, and overall architecture of the campus data network.

  •   Wired and wireless networking
  •   Campus Internet access
  •   Datacenter networking including server and storage connections
  •   Bandwidth management
  •   Security and network violation enforcement

The System Administration team is responsible for the physical infrastructure, servers, and many of the applications used for Bard’s academic and business needs.


  •   Datacenter maintenance and planning
  •   Server hardware maintenance, upgrades
  •   Server operating system support
  •   Server storage, backups, and redundancy
  •   Server and application performance tuning and balancing
  •   Virtual server infrastructure


  •   Account provisioning/deprovisioning
  •   Email transport, storage, account maintenance, spam prevention, and security
  •   Webserver setup, performance, and security
  •   Academic application support and troubleshooting
  •   Business application support–printing, debit, access control, etc.

Network & Systems is managed by David Brangaitis.